Case Studies

From fast growing startups to large enterprises, check out inspirational success stories of our clients moved to cloud, became compliant and transformed their businesses.

Revolutionizing HoReCa Management: Allzin

Discover how Allzin revolutionized their operations with cloud solutions, streamlining processes, enhancing customer experience, and achieving remarkable efficiency.

Modern Infrastructure on Cloud:

Discover how Sufle helped, a leading online yacht charter platform, for an enhanced digital presence through cloud infrastructure optimization and automation.

Speed Up Online Shipments and Innovate: Navlungo

Learn how Navlungo worked together with Sufle to modernize its infrastructure and move to a secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient architecture with almost no downtime.

Delivering Content Faster: Doping Hafıza

Doping Hafıza decided to collaborate with Sufle to work with an advanced partner to migrate their data to AWS and to design a new infrastructure without any downtime.

Sustainable Clusters: Pera Wallet

Pera Wallet decided to collaborate with Sufle to design and implement the wallet project on a new best-practiced platform which will be placed on Amazon EKS during the rebranding.

Getting Ready for The Big Launch: BOA Games

Learn how Sufle and BOA Games worked together to design their infrastructure for their mobile casual game named CapRoyale and their success story.

Tailored Solution on AWS: Prisync

Prisync moved to an AWS cloud-based platform and Sufle helped them through the entire project to provide training support for the DevOps team.

Serverless From Day One: DingDingNow

DingDingNow chose Sufle as partner to establish a creative and interactive meeting platform to achieve their very fast time to market needs and low-cost goals.

Re-inventing Financial Risk Management: Hedgeblue

Hedgeblue chose Sufle as a partner to build secure and scalable solutions to build agile applications, and reduce time to market with the power of Serverless Computing.

Cloud Re-Architecture for Growth: Marketyo

Sufle helped Marketyo team on re-architecting their existing environment running on AWS, modernize their applications and apply automation to achieve their business goals.

Continuous Success with Well-Architected: Ecospend

Sufle helps Ecospend to improve its cloud infrastructure with AWS Well-Architected Reviews and expert recommendations as their platform scales and evolves.

Scaling for Billions: Influenster

Sufle helps Influenster to scale up their operations, achieve high availability and manage their increasing task count to serve their billions of customers.

Birth of a Crowd Backed Platform: Epiqur

Sufle helps Epiqur to design and build a fast, scalable and low cost infrastructure on AWS to serve their online audience on their live broadcasting platform.

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