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Discover why 90% of the world's largest public game businesses use Amazon Web Services to build quicker, run smarter, and grow their games.


Sufle is an AWS Advanced Services Partner, helping businesses measure, assess and improve their cloud architectures with proven AWS best practices. We help businesses build and run their games.

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Gaming, which is frequently cited as the largest media category by revenue in 2021. Gaming has recently surpassed long-term media behemoth linear television in terms of market share, and it now outnumbers the worldwide music, film, and on-demand entertainment sectors combined.


AWS for Games


Don't be concerned about scalability. AWS will take care of it for you if the need arises. Whether you have 1 or 10 million players, AWS scales in no time!

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Protect your game platform from external threats. AWS has greater security standards and compliance programs than any other major cloud provider, with built-in protection against common DDoS threats.

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Low Latency

Using AWS gaming services and worldwide networking, you can improve your in-game player experience. Deliver fast-action, 45 MS global median latency, and low-jitter performance to players while saving up to 70% on costs compared to existing on-premises deployments.

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Game Analytics

With Game Analytics Pipeline you can build a scalable serverless data pipeline for ingesting, storing, and analyzing telemetry data generated by games and services. Game Analytics allows for data input in real time, allowing you to obtain insights from your games in minutes.


Build, deploy and run games without having to worry about servers. Eliminate infrastructure management tasks, reduce cost and time to market, increase agility through serverless with integrated tools.


Anti Cheat and Fraud Detection

Don't let your players quit playing your top listed game. Gaming is highly competitive world where massive amounts of data are generated. Swift and accurate anomaly detection is vital to ensuring efficient operations and excellent gaming experience.


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