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We combine well-proven Agile practices with design thinking to ensure your dream remains as the central focus at any point through the development lifecycle. Whether you face a strategic pivot or hit a roadblock, we got you covered all the way.

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Software Architecture

Our software architecture and consulting services help you launch your next project with less stress and cost with the right components and design. Our advanced technology and methodology offerings empower you at the every step of your development lifecycle, from discovery to production launch.

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Backend Development

Our software engineers design and build the core of your application with an eye on stability, availability and scalability. We provide the flexibility to integrate your applications with third-party services and cutting-edge security features to enhance and protect your business, users and data.

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Frontend Development

We build a trusted and visually rich user-product relationship tailored for your requirements to boost your user journey. Our front-end team provides a sharp UI that is matched to design mockups with pixel-perfect accuracy, a consistent UX across the entire application and stunning animations and effects that don’t compromise performance.

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Mobile Application Development

Our mobile development team is experienced in building both native and cross-platform apps that users need and want. From the idea to publishing, we help you achieve your goal at every step. We help you cut your development and maintenance costs with cross-platform apps that work flawlessly across iOS and Android.

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Packaged Serverless Solutions

We offer serverless packaged solutions for you so you do not need to operate, maintain or manage cloud resources. Your data stays in your account.

Serverless WebSockets

Realtime infrastructure setup and maintenance is hard. This solution provides you a realtime serverless websockets infrastructure. It is fully compatible with the industry-famous Pusher client and server libraries. Deploy, connect your clients and start developing realtime applications without thinking about management.

Serverless Media Streaming

Preparing your media for streaming could be time consuming. With our solution, you can upload your video and instantly reach your viewers all around the world with low-latency without having to operate, maintain and manage streaming engines. It also provides different resolutions for dynamic adaptive streaming compatible clients.

Serverless Form Manager

Do you need to collect submissions from your website, or applications? While this solution gives you the flexibility to create as many forms, manage your data and users who access it, it ensures you the solidity and scalability of serverless. Receive forms, files, get notified with email or Slack, while the data stays in your account.

Serverless Classroom

Completely serverless, scalable classroom experience with real-time audio/video, content sharing, public and private chats and whiteboard like BigBlueButton. Engage with your students without having to manage any server. Integrate with your platform and start your classrooms instantly.

Serverless Notification Management

Engage your customers through your own infrastructure. Set up the solution, upload your certificates and start connecting with your mobile clients. Built with serverless components, the solution scales with your customers, providing a notification platform by itself. Send notifications from the UI or the API, monitor status of the messages.



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