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Instead of focusing on simply checking boxes to meet the certification requirements, we put compliance in the center of all business processes. We focus on how to secure your environment and then apply DevSecOps principles to empower your operations. We support you through design and implementation of your certification roadmap with our highly experienced Compliance Advisory Consultants.

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Initial Assesment and Scope Definition

Initial Assessment and Scope Definition

Initial analysis begins with a thorough understanding of your organization’s posture and an assessment of the current information security state of your organization against standards while defining the scope for certification.

Pre-audit Assesment

Pre-Audit Assessment

Our team runs an internal audit against certification standards and develops a corrective action report for the closure of the audit findings. We conclude pre-audit with a confirmation of readiness for the real assessment.

Risk Assesment

Risk Assessment

We apply risk assessment activities to identify and evaluate all possible security threats and vulnerabilities in the system before defining the risk appetite of the organization to plan for risk mitigation or treatment actions.

ISMS Design

ISMS Design

We develop state of the art policies and procedures for ISMS (Information Security Management System) implementation. This includes designing the ISMS structure and processes to support the ISMS implementation.



We provide advisory, operation services and on-going support for your implementation team. We help you ensure the designed ISMS structure and procedures are implemented into your organization perfectly.



Our certified instructors deliver employee awareness training within the scope of the certification as well as training the stakeholders who are responsible for the ISMS implementation on the defined environment.

On-site Audit Assistance

On-site Audit Assistance

To identify and select an external certification body, we coordinate with your certification auditors and assist in the certification audit by providing all required documentation, explaining ISMS and providing evidence for the auditor.



Industry Leading Standards


Trust means everything when it comes to making transactions. Get PCI DSS compliant and ensure that your business secures credit card information in line with highly controlled standards across the payment industry.

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Assurance Services

Assurance Services

First things first, being secure is a never-ending process. We organize and provide security assessments on various dimensions to ensure you are safe.

Penetration Test

We simulate a targeted hacker attack to identify the weak spots in your IT environment before others do. Our Penetration Tests are conducted by experts in the field instead of relying on automated scanning and outsourced staff.

Application Security Test

Our experts check your applications that are developed in-house or externally for security flaws from SQL Injection, Business Logic in Web Applications to insecure storage of sensitive data in mobile apps.

Vulnerability Scan

We run your vulnerability scans to ensure your IT environment is patched up and configured securely at all times. This is a fully managed service for regular scanning and reporting provided by our experts.

ICS/IoT Penetration Test

We are experienced in testing industrial components and IoT technology, all the way down to the hardware interface level. We review your IoT products security, from architecture to implementation.

Source Code Review

We help you with secure coding and design to protect your valuable data. From implementing a Secure Development Lifecycle and Secure Coding Training to automated and manual source code analysis, we support you from the start to finish.

Social Engineering Test

We test the human aspect of information security, such as running a phishing simulation to raise awareness of staff and validate the efficiency of the security awareness program. This element can also be combined with a traditional penetration test.

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