True Cloud-Native NoSQL Database: DynamoDB

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Sufle is an official AWS Advanced Services Partner, helping businesses measure, assess and improve their cloud architectures with proven AWS best practices. We help businesses to design, deploy, and take full advantage of DynamoDB solutions.


Cloud Native

Amazon DynamoDB is the true cloud-native database that provides fairly basic programming interface, with a lot of things going on under the hood. You can learn more about Amazon DynamoDB basic on our blog.

Fast, Really Fast

Schemaless nature of DynamoDB enables flexibility and agility. Single-digit millisecond performance at any scale and Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) for sub millisecond performance.


Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service that is designed for applications that need to scale beyond the limits. It is automatically scales to meet your application's needs in a heartbeat.


Encryption at rest improves data security by utilizing encryption keys. Amazon DynamoDB continuously backs up your data for protection, with guaranteed reliability to build security-sensitive applications.

Pay For Only What You Need

Amazon DynamoDB charges for reading, writing, and saving data in Amazon DynamoDB tables, as well as any optional functionality you select. You can find how to optimize your Amazon DynamoDB costs on our blog.

Backup, Restore, Recover

Full backups of your data with on-demand backup & restore, and continuous backups with point-in-time recovery. Build applications with Amazon DynamoDB that are fault-tolerant and always available.

Global Needs

Automated global replication with global tables, and accessing data locally in the selected regions to get single-digit millisecond read and write performance. Enhance your application with Amazon DynamoDB.

Plays Well Will Others

Integrate seamless with other AWS services. Store data from Amazon S3, process data from Amazon Kinesis Streams, create AWS Lambda triggers that automatically respond to events in DynamoDB Streams.

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Data Architecture

Design and implement a tailored data architecture to your unique requirements. We can help you maximize the performance and minimize the costs of your DynamoDB implementation.

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Cost Optimization

Having throttling issues or over provisioning your tables? We can analyze your requests, access patterns, hot keys and partitions to help eliminate your costs and find sweet spots that will help your bill.

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Current database solutions are not enough? Migrate to Amazon DynamoDB and let us modernize your infrastructure by using advantages of extract insights, monitoring traffic trends and guaranted reliability.

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Development Experience

It is not just DynamoDB, but the tools around it. We can build a development experience for your team, train you about using SDKs, Amazon DynamoDB Local and NoSQL Workbench, so that you can design and test your data locally.

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