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Sufle is an official AWS Advanced Services Partner, helping businesses measure, assess and improve their cloud architectures with proven AWS best practices. We help businesses build and run applications without thinking about servers.

Serverless Technologies
for Modern Applications

Build, deploy and run applications or services without having to worry about servers. Eliminate infrastructure management tasks, reduce cost, and increase agility through serverless with integrated tools.

Get Serverless Benefits


There's no need to be concerned about scalability because AWS will take care of it for you if the need arises. Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda will scale in response to your incoming traffic during periods of high demand.

No Infrastructure

As a way of building and running applications in the cloud without managing the servers, you have zero server maintenance and management responsibility: it is serverless from your side.

Lower Cost

Pay-as-you-go computing time and costless idle server time might mean huge amounts of cost savings based on your applications and business model. All the power of serverless comes at lower cost. Why not go serverless?

Easy to Deploy

Receive faster deployment of resources with serverless. Launch an app in minutes rather than weeks or months. Integrated tools helps you leverage blue-green deployments for zero downtime.

Low Latency

If there are no origin servers, what about the latency issues? With serverless technologies, you can deploy your serverless applications at globally distributed edge locations.

Gain Serverless Benefits

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Case Studies

Check out the inspiring success stories of our clients that have adopted advanced serverless practices, ranging from fast-growing startups to large enterprises.

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