Security at the
Heart of Your Business

Define, implement and maintain continuous security practices
to improve your security posture.


Sufle is an official AWS Advanced Services Partner, with proven experience across various businesses within regulated industries handling sensitive data. We help businesses achieve continuous security practices through customized security solutions and implementations.

Our Security Practices icon Our Security

Security Assesment icon

Security Assesment

Assess your current state and security posture, build secure foundations in the cloud for your custom needs for your organizational structure.

Business Security Strategy icon

Business Security Strategy

Define your security strategy to address all distinct business areas, implement organization-wide practices for end-to-end business security.

Security Engineering icon

Security Engineering

Implement and execute security controls and measures across your infrastructure regarding industry standards and requirements.

Security Automation icon

Security Automation

Enforce continuous security through standardization, automation and custom scripts, ensure secure configuration of your dynamic resources.

Improve Your
Security Posture for Continuous Business Value


Get Your Business Secure

Implement strong security controls to store, process and transmit sensitive data across your business. Secure and manage your sensitive data effectively to deliver business value.


Security is a
Continuous Process

Business security as a unique attribution for each and every organization. Our experts help you design and maintain a centralized security management through well-defined policies and control mechanisms from network to inventory protection.

Get a proactive approach through automated detection and response capabilities, prepare and reduce the impact of security events in the cybersecurity landscape.

Security is a Continuous Process

Get Your Business Secure with Sufle!

Define and execute your business' security strategy with the custom solutions prepared for your needs.

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