Delivering Content Faster: Doping Hafıza

Nov 04, 2022
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Amazon CloudFront, Amazon S3, AWS Elemental MediaConvert


Amazon Web Services

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Doping Hafıza is an educational technology company that designs modern programs with unique technology enhanced teaching tools and provides tens of thousands of students with the instructional materials. As an ML-based online educational platform Doping Hafıza dedicated to developing video-based learning environments compatible with the needs of the Turkish Primary, Middle and Secondary School Curriculum.


During the pandemic, the popularity of online education increased all over the world and Doping Hafıza needed to offer content at low latency to students that follow online education tools. Also, the need to deliver low-resolution content emerged for students who don't have fast and stable internet connections. The biggest challenge was to migrate the huge amount of data spread around multiple on-prem data centers, 3rd party providers and deliver a better experience to end-users on different types of video delivery.

Migrating to AWS

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Doping Hafıza has brought educational content and opportunity to learn to many students who are at home. Sufle has helped Doping Hafıza to reach even more students. Delivery of content for all users is sped up by using Amazon CloudFront’s worldwide content delivery network. All high quality video streams are converted to different bitrates using AWS Elemental MediaConvert, including low-level qualities for students who do not have a great internet connection at their homes.

When migrating to AWS, we used different tools provided by AWS with the purpose of accessing content faster and more manageable. Mainly, all the data located on various different platforms and locations is migrated to the one of most resilient storage on earth, Amazon S3. AWS Elemental MediaConvert is used for videos that need to be streamed to clients adaptively. And last but not least, multiple Amazon CloudFront distributions are deployed for different needs, including restricted access, streaming or direct public media access.

Why Sufle?

Doping Hafıza reached out to Sufle through the Sufle Webinar Series to work with an advanced partner to migrate their data from these platforms to AWS and to design a new infrastructure without any downtime or disruption on their service. There is a need to act quickly and transform the business using the benefits of AWS to improve their workload. With 10+ years experience Sufle collaborated with Doping Hafıza to accompany them for a fast and scalable infrastructure.

Success Story on AWS

Doping Hafıza's previous infrastructure relied on different primary and secondary data centers with instances that are storing data on the disks. All the data has been migrated to Amazon S3, which helped them manage their content in a centralized approach through AWS's API's easily, rather than searching through file systems. Their management efforts and time to access storage have reduced by 95%. All of the stored data is encrypted and versioned using built-in capabilities of S3, both enabling Doping Hafıza's security and reliability requirements without any extra effort.

Delivering contents to customers had availability issues too, previous delivery systems were causing downtimes and performing poorly. After migrating to Amazon CloudFront, delivery speed has increased 5x, without any downtimes.

For transcoding and hosting part of their videos, Doping Hafıza was using a third party video platform that had high costs that had no optimization options. AWS Elemental MediaConvert migration enabled Doping Hafıza to customize their transcoding process with different output options and deliver adaptive streams to end users with low-latency using Amazon CloudFront. With this process, Doping Hafıza has decreased their processing, storage and delivery costs by 30%.

At the end of the success story, there is no need to rely on data centers for their workloads, spend time for accessing storage, worry about downtime, calculate processing, storage and delivery costs anymore because Doping Hafıza has 5x faster delivery speed and 30% lower cost by migrating AWS.

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