Cloud Re-Architecture for Growth: Marketyo

Jun 07, 2021
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Marketyo is an omnichannel grocery delivery platform based in Turkey, currently operating across more than 55 provinces countrywide. The platform enables customers to look for consumption goods, compare the prices and quickly order their basket while also enabling grocery stores to showcase and deliver their products online.

To scale up and grow their operations efficiently, Marketyo needed a reliable and scalable infrastructure design with effective cost optimization practices in place. Sufle helped Marketyo team to re-architecture their existing environment running on AWS, modernize their applications, and apply automation to achieve their business goals and provide continuous performance for their customers.

Online Grocery Marketplace for Customers

Marketyo’s comprehensive online market delivery platform brings customers and supermarkets together. While Marketyo enables customers to compare the prices of goods and ongoing campaigns across various supermarkets nearby, the platform also enables supermarkets that do not have individual platforms and/or applications to showcase and deliver their products online. Customers can see the nearest supermarkets of different sizes and order their baskets with an option to choose their preferred delivery time and payment methods.

Challenge: Scaling the Infrastructure to Scale Operations

After the COVID-19 breakout and quarantines, the convenience of online grocery delivery became much more attractive for Marketyo’s target audience. As their user base expanded tremendously, Marketyo needed to scale its operations to meet the increasing requests and step up in the market with continuous performance. This required a scalable and reliable infrastructure design.

Their primary problem was insufficient scalability due to existing architectural and software-based issues. Briefly, the platform was experiencing performance deficiencies caused by the increasing traffic. The Marketyo team had to increase their resources to prevent these performance deficiencies and associated losses in such cases, but this practice was resulting in increased costs and wasted resources in return. As an emerging startup business with limited resources, underutilized resources were limiting their growth opportunities and efficiency.

Along with the cost perspective, Marketyo also needed to improve its infrastructure to scale and evolve its operations successfully. They needed to ease their infrastructure management processes, reduce the operational overheads and automate deployment processes to improve application performance and ensure quality over time. With all these needs centered around scalability and infrastructure design, Marketyo team sought expert guidance to improve their system availability, capacity planning, and change management practices. Overall, they needed a custom-designed cloud infrastructure to achieve their business objectives.

Cloud Re-Architecture Design to Scale, Evolve, and Improve

Marketyo’s application platform had been already running on AWS. Their need was not to implement a specific service or solution, but rather a comprehensive approach to re-design and align their cloud architecture to support their objectives and expand their business successfully.

To effectively align their unique business needs and cloud architecture, Sufle teamed up with Marketyo to perform an AWS Well-Architected Review as a first step. After evaluating the current architecture, Sufle’s Solution Architects pointed out the issues in the production environment and the potential solutions to ensure operational efficiency and application performance. The findings and the defined business objectives set the basis for the cloud re-architecture design principles.

Throughout the re-architecture project, the first step was optimizing their EC2 instances for performance improvement and cost optimization objectives. Sufle’s experts suggested the “doing more with less” approach and planned to migrate the workflows from EC2 Windows instances to Linux to eliminate the additional license expenses and over-provisioned cloud resources. Sufle also suggested integrating RDS Proxy, to meet increasing demand with fewer changes on Marketyo’s multi-tenant application architecture. Once the database connection management was offloaded to RDS Proxy and the applications became more stable and lightweight, Sufle helped to replace the existing vertical scalable components with horizontal scalable ones and avoid single point of failures. AWS ALB’s were integrated to prevent the underutilization and waste of resources. The replaced instances were also downscaled 4x times based on the compute needs and this also helped extra saving on Marketyo’s cloud costs.

The next step in the project was to apply deployment automation and CI/CD pipelines to ease Marketyo team’s deployment processes and ensure high quality while they scale up their operations. As a fast-growing online market platform, they needed consistent quality across frequent releases. Sufle’s experts helped to design and implement custom CI/CD pipelines to benefit from automation across release processes.

A Custom Cloud Re-Architecture to Enable Growth

Combining the current architectural issues, AWS Well-Architected Review findings, and future objectives, Sufle’s experienced Solution Architects helped Marketyo team to achieve a custom re-architectured cloud environment for their business, resolved 45% of the High Risked Issues. The new cloud architecture design helps Marketyo to support its growth objectives and ensure continuous application performance with increased operational efficiency and reduced costs. Along with its efficiency and cost optimization benefits, Marketyo's user session time is 10x longer than before with both the expert time of Sufle and the experience of AWS.

Application load balancing and instance optimization practices now ensure Marketyo that they are able to successfully serve their increasing number of customers. Marketyo infrastructure can scale to support a 400% increase in daily order traffic, without compromising performance and cost-efficiency. The number of Monthly Active Users of Marketyo, which was generally stable, increased exponentially after it started to benefit from the applications and optimizations conducted by Sufle, and increased approximately 11x in about one year.

Automated release processes enable Marketyo to establish consistent versions for the application from development to production environments with high availability and quality. This way, Marketyo teams can deploy reliable releases 3x faster than before.

With the enhanced application architecture and managed infrastructure services, Marketyo is able to focus on their product success while they expand their reach in the market. After all architecture and service adjustments, the product view increased by more than 10x, also the add to cart rate increased by about 8x. While the re-designed cloud architecture provides operational excellence, Marketyo also achieves increased agility and flexibility across their platform to serve their customers better.

The Next Steps

Following the re-designed cloud architecture, application performance improvement, and automation projects, Sufle continues to work with Marketyo to increase its operational efficiency and performance even further through containerization and application architecture simplification. Application modernization practices are customized for the platform’s needs, including availability and high speed.

Along with the containerization project, Sufle also helps Marketyo to migrate these containers to AWS Fargate on Amazon ECS to eliminate the infrastructure management effort and overheads. The ongoing projects help Marketyo to maintain continuous application performance through automation and managed services on the cloud.

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