JSTANBUL - Supercharge Static Apps with Serverless - Lambda@Edge

June 12, 2021

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About the Event

Durul Doktoroğlu - Sufle Partner & Lead Software Engineer will talk about “Supercharge Static Apps with Serverless: Lambda@Edge” at #JSTANBUL 2021 event on June 12.

We look forward to sharing our experiences!

Why Should You Join?

Organized this year under the Kommunity Originals series, JSTANBUL talks about JavaScript technologies in two halls, all in Turkish, throughout the day.

In this event, you can get an idea about Lambda from serverless applications and get information about how to integrate it into your static applications.


HALL - 1
Session StartSession EndTitle
09:3010:00Opening Speech
10:0010:403 Letters, JAMstack Where In This?
10:5011:30Journey from the Web to the Mobile World with React Native
12:0012:40UI State Machine Architecture
12:5013:30Angular Elements
13:4014:20Supercharge Static Apps with Serverless: Lambda@Edge
14:5015:30Angular for Frontend Developers with React & Vue
15:4016:20Deno Turning His 2nd Year
16:3017:10Confident JavaScript Testing
17:2018:00Native Mobile Application Experience with React Native

HALL - 2
Session StartSession EndTitle
10:0010:40Micro Frontends
10:5011:30Journey from Vue 2 to Vue 3
12:0012:40Package Release with Valet Key
12:5013:30Object Oriented Programming Logic
13:4014:20After a year of working with React Monorepo: Confessions, Experiences, Advice
14:5015:30The Future of JavaScript in Business
15:4016:20 0 to JavaScript
16:3017:10Smart TV Application Development and Optimization with JS

Dear all! Thank you for your interest for our event.

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