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Mar 17, 2023
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twitter iconfacebook iconlinkedin iconemail icon is the leading yacht charter marketplace in Europe and one of the few online platforms in the world specialized in boat rental. They have gathered all the things that user's need while renting a boat on a single platform. They decided to collaborate with Sufle with the purpose of modernizing their environment on AWS while having a secure organization setup and enhancing their operational workload.

Challenges wanted to make a safe and sound environment in which some of their instances and databases are located privately. They also were struggling with the management of servers as more than one application depended on a single server which made it difficult to spot and fix when an incident occurred.

Another challenge was reducing the cost with the addition to removing unnecessary server usage. They also had a desire to migrate to serverless architecture. They wanted to optimize their usage of resources by tackling the complexity issues in their application configurations.

Why Sufle? reached out to Sufle to work with an advanced AWS partner to modernize their infrastructure. As AWS Partner of the Year 2022 Turkey, Sufle collaborated with to accompany them for a more secure and faster environment. Sufle’s enthusiasm and 10 years of experience led to collaborate with Sufle to build a modern infrastructure on AWS.

Previous successful work using Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate, as well as application modernization projects has been a solid reference for, and they have relied on Sufle’s expertise in this regard.

Migrating to AWS

With Amazon ECS cluster, can manage their infrastructure in a centralized way, set up their applications quickly and run without having to deal with application configurations. Besides, they can use resources in an optimized way while reducing cost and eliminating complexity.

They migrated to a serverless infrastructure with which they can easily scale and manage by moving their applications to AWS Fargate. Thus they have a more descriptive and clear dashboard which is easy to use and manage. Whereas AWS Fargate's easy and fast integration with other AWS services, it has become much easier and more flexible to set up, manage and structure applications.

Also, implementing serverless architecture results in cost improvements and removes unnecessary instance and server usage. Sufle removed some static sites from Amazon EC2 and made them serve over Amazon S3 therefore, they now have a faster environment and reduced cost.

Sufle helped’s public database turn to private to ensure a highly secure infrastructure in accordance with best practices and implemented AWS Secrets Manager to keep critical variables of applications and databases safe. Within the added capabilities of Amazon GuardDuty, it is now easier to scan and analyze anomalies in their account. As another action to ensure security Sufle assisted them in enabling end-to-end SSL in their applications. had improved user management on their account via AWS IAM Identity Center and Sufle centralized it using AWS best practices. Sufle also upgraded the version of Amazon Opensearch and the database to the latest version of MariaDB consequently they have an up to date environment.

Sufle guided them in making some static files accessible by using Amazon CloudFront. Thus, we provided faster access to these buckets, which are private and whose objects can only be accessed via Amazon CloudFront from anywhere in the world.

Sufle has dockerized’s all microservice applications and converted them into containers Additionally, we stored docker images of applications as encrypted in Amazon Elastic Container Registry.

Modern, Fast, and Secure Environment on AWS’s previous infrastructure was causing unnecessary expenses, but after migrating to AWS, they significantly reduced their costs by removing unnecessary instance and server usage.

As they use AWS Fargate and migrated to serverless architecture, their compute management efforts are reduced by 90%. Through serverless infrastructure they now can build and run applications without managing the servers. Also, with the new setup on Amazon ECS, troubleshooting and identifying the incident has become faster when an incident occurs.

Additionally, accessing static sites in Amazon S3 has also been accelerated by 90% with the power of having a serverless environment.

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