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Infrastructure Optimization with AWS Trusted Advisor

AWS Trusted Advisor helps businesses optimize their infrastructure continuously based on the AWS best practices and recommendations around 4 key categories.

Visualize Data with Amazon Timestream & Grafana

Amazon Timestream is a serverless time series database that handles trillions of data. Here are the steps to build your app and visualize the data with Grafana.

Container Management for Modern Applications

Fully managed container services in the cloud enables businesses to leverage the full benefits of modern applications and cloud-native application principles.

Sufle Proudly Becomes AWS Advanced Consulting Partner!

Sufle proudly becomes AWS Advanced Consulting Partner! We help businesses succeed in their technology journey with proven AWS expertise and best practices.

Continuous Compliance with AWS Config Rules

AWS Config continuously monitors your resources and configuration changes to ensure both organization-wide security and compliance controls are always followed.

Multi-Account Environments with AWS Control Tower

AWS Control Tower helps you set up and configure your multiple AWS accounts with built-in security, governance and best practices for your cloud environment.

Serverless Technologies for Modern Businesses

Going serverless helps businesses accelerate their IT operations and leverage the advantages of cloud even further with eliminating infrastructure management.

AWS Amplify: Storage (Part 3)

AWS Amplify provides a set of built-in components to add storage, file and image management into your application in minutes, fully integrated with Amazon S3.

AWS Cost Anomaly Detection for Smarter Cost Management

AWS Cost Anomaly Detection uses ML capabilities to automatically identify the root causes of unexpected increases and help businesses optimize their spending.

Keeping Secrets as Secret on Amazon ECS Using Terraform

How to protect and manage sensitive data? Here are the two different ways and steps to create and store your secret credentials on Amazon ECS with Terraform.

Productive Remote Working with Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces helps businesses improve their remote business processes and achieve productivity and organizational security across remote work environments.

Security Best Practices in Docker Containers

Security should be your top priority while your business adapts Docker containers. Here are the best practices to leverage your container environment securely.

How to Achieve Compliance in the Cloud?

Cloud compliance requires a well-defined compliance strategy due to its complex and dynamic nature. Here are the key factors to achieve compliance in the cloud.

Web Application Protection on AWS

AWS WAF provides a managed Web Application Firewall for your infrastructure. Here are its features and use cases to protect your applications from web exploits.

Adopting GitOps for Enhanced Operations

GitOps enables automation and standardization of software delivery and infrastructure resources. Here are the key GitOps principles and operational advantages.

Serverless Meetings with Amazon Chime SDK

Amazon Chime SDK enables you to build online meetings quickly. Here are the steps to develop your very own serverless meetings from simple to complex.

Sufle is now an AWS Well-Architected Partner!

Sufle becomes an official AWS Well-Architected Partner! We help businesses assess and improve their infrastructures with proven best practices.

What to Expect From PCI DSS v4.0?

New approaches and controls are expected in the upcoming PCI DSS v4.0. The updates will be based on feedback, changing technologies and security landscape.

AWS Cloud Adoption Framework

AWS Cloud Adoption Framework helps businesses plan their migration roadmap and defines stakeholders with unique responsibilities for successful cloud adoption.

Sufle is now an APN Immersion Days Partner!

Sufle becomes an AWS APN Immersion Days Partner! These events intend to bring APN Partners and the audience together to share expertise and AWS best practices.

Cloud Economics: Cost Optimization

Whether you are migrating to cloud or scaling your operations, clear analysis of cost items and alternatives help you lower your TCO and optimize your costs.

How to Scale Django Admin

As your dataset reaches millions, it might get harder to manage them with Django admin. Here are the useful tricks to ease the management of large datasets.

Hosting Static Websites on Amazon S3

It takes almost no time, effort and cost to serve our static website using Amazon S3. Here are the advantages of static websites and steps to serve them.

AWS Amplify: Authentication (Part 2)

The powerful development platform, AWS Amplify allows you to add authentication and role via groups to limit resource access in your project with ease.

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA establishes set of standards to ensure the security and privacy of personally identifiable information -PII- within the healthcare industry.

Migrating to AWS

As the cloud continues to transform the business technology, a well-defined cloud migration plan becomes critical for organizations to succeed in the cloud.

The 5 Pillars of Well-Architected Framework

Well-Architected Framework is a comprehensive guidance for organizations to build and improve their architectures in line with the best practices in 5 pillars.

AWS Amplify: The Ultimate Bootstrapper (Part 1)

AWS Amplify is a powerful development platform that provides all tools for developers to start, build and scale a cloud-backed application, at lightning speed.

Why Do You Need to Be Well-Architected

Being well-architected helps you ensure you design an effective infrastructure, make better decisions and understand their impact on your cloud architecture.

Container Image Scanning with Amazon ECR

Amazon ECR enables you to scan your Docker container images against CVEs easily. Here are the steps for configuring, assessing and storing your image findings.

Cloud Architecture for Modern Startups

We aim to help and guide startups to build their infrastructure on AWS effectively with our free online Cloud Architecture for Modern Startups Program.

How to Build a DevOps Culture

DevOps is much more than a set of tools and methodologies, but rather a cultural transformation. Here are the factors that encourage a true DevOps culture.

On Prem vs Cloud: Ultimate Comparison

The benefits of cloud computing are not limited to costs. Businesses should focus on both strategic and financial benefits when evaluating the cloud migration.

We have sponsored PyCon Turkey 2020!

We are proud to be gold sponsor of PyCon Turkey 2020! We are looking forward to meeting with everyone sharing our passion for the Python programming language.

What is PCI DSS?

PCI DSS establishes security standards to protect cardholder data. Transacting businesses must focus on implementing a strong security posture to be compliant.

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code enables you to easily manage and provision your resources through code. Here are the advantages and steps of implementation of IaC.

Prepare Your Team for Cloud Transformation

Focusing on your teams from the cloud migration to adaptation is the key for success in cloud. Here are the tips to succeed in the cloud transformation journey.

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