Advanced AWS Storage Solutions

September 21, 2023

The event has ended.

You can watch the event recording on YouTube.

About the Event

Have you heard about the various storage services offered by AWS? AWS has developed a diverse range of storage solutions over the years to meet lots of needs.

AWS APN Immersion Days Partner, Sufle will delve into the world of AWS storage services with its latest event: Advanced AWS Storage Solutions

With our Co-Founder and AWS Ambassador Barış Balta, you will explore advanced features, scalability, and performance capabilities of AWS storage services.

On September 21st at 15:00 (GTM +3) we will be online on Youtube. Take your seat now!

Why Should You Join?

This event allows you to explore intricacies of AWS storage services and to understand AWS storage solutions, including Amazon S3, Amazon EBS and more.

Whether you are a seasoned AWS user or just starting your cloud journey, this event promises valuable and practical knowledge that will enhance your understanding of storage solutions on AWS.

The session will be in Turkish.

Dear all! Thank you for your interest for our event.

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