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Multi-Account Environments with AWS Control Tower

AWS Control Tower helps you set up and configure your multiple AWS accounts with built-in security, governance and best practices for your cloud environment.

Sufle FTL Jump Program

Sufle launched FTL Jump Program to accelerate startups, unlock their potential in the cloud, and take a big jump ahead of their competitors!

Amazon S3 Cost Optimization with Storage Classes

Amazon S3 storage classes help you to optimize your costs based on your needs. Here are the different classes and how to achieve lower costs with right sizing.

Infrastructure Optimization with AWS Trusted Advisor

AWS Trusted Advisor helps businesses optimize their infrastructure continuously based on the AWS best practices and recommendations around 4 key categories.

Serverless Technologies for Modern Businesses

Going serverless helps businesses accelerate their IT operations and leverage the advantages of cloud even further with eliminating infrastructure management.

AWS Cost Anomaly Detection for Smarter Cost Management

AWS Cost Anomaly Detection uses ML capabilities to automatically identify the root causes of unexpected increases and help businesses optimize their spending.

Productive Remote Working with Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces helps businesses improve their remote business processes and achieve productivity and organizational security across remote work environments.

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